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Level 1



NFT Collection

CryptoPolz are 9696 NFTs randomly generated on the Ethereum blockchain. They were introduced to the world as baby CrypToadz, and were expected to grow as such...

But someone dumped toxic waste near the pond, and they evolved into something much bigger.

CryptoPolz NFTs will be modelled as a 3D avatar compatible with most game engines and metaverses.


NFT Collection

Against all odds, CryptoPolz evolved into Polzilla!

Each CryptoPolz has a corresponding Polzilla, with the same token #ID. They kept most of the original attributes, but some new ones were introduced, and some others evolved: for example, flies became helicopters!

Polzilla NFTs will be modelled as a 3D avatar compatible with most game engines and metaverses.

CryptoPolz owners may claim their Polzilla for free on

Level 2



Utility token

CryptoPolz and Polzilla lay $EGGZ tokens every day that their holders may harvest for the next 42 years at their time of convenience.

You can use $EGGZ to breed Eggzilla, the baby Polzilla. $EGGZ will be used in various applications and games in the future.


NFT Collection

Eggzilla is a collection of 15,555 randomly generated Polzilla babies. To mint an Eggzilla, you need 2 Polzilla + 1,200 $EGGZ.

Eggzilla NFTs will be modelled as a 3D avatar compatible with most game engines and metaverses.

Level 3



NFT Collection

Nemezis Corp, the multinational corporation responsible for dumping toxic waste into the pond, continues to conduct experiments in their secret laboratory.

On their way to create a superhuman soldier, they tested their Nemezis serum on monkeys that became very strong. They escaped from their cages, causing chaos and mayhem in the metaverse!

6,969 randomly generated Kongzilla are being unleashed on the Ethereum blockchain at a minting price of 0.069 ETH each. Funds from the sale are used to accelerate Metapond development in the metaverse.

Kongzilla NFTs will be modelled as a 3D avatar compatible with most game engines and metaverses.


Utility token

Kongzilla can be caged (not staked) to generate 100 $RAGE tokens per day, maxing out at 10K after 100 days. To unleash (claim) their $RAGE, the Kongzilla owner has to open the cage.

Any uncaged Kongzilla may participate in MetaRage fights for a given amount of $RAGE.

The $RAGE utility token will only ever be emitted to Kongzilla owners. Apart from its first use-case in MetaRage, $RAGE will be used in various applications and games in the future.


On-chain Game

MetaRage is an on-chain fighting game where all Metapond's NFT collections compete against each other: Polzilla, Eggzilla, Kongzilla, Robotikz, and even CryptoPolz!

Each battle takes place in an Ethereum transaction initiated by an NFT owner against another NFT from Metapond.

There is an entry fee for each type of NFT: $RAGE tokens for Kongzilla, $EGGZ for CryptoPolz, Polzilla, Eggzilla, and $M for Robotikz.

The winner of the attack is chosen at random on a roll of the dice. The winning player pockets a reward of $M, the token used to mint the ultimate threat in the metaverse: Robotikz.

A rare winning condition mints a Robotikz directly in your wallet!


NFT Collection

A group of scientists from Nemezis Corp. were using microchipped ticks to draw blood from Polzilla and monitor breeding activities.

Once again, they lost control of the side effects of the Nemezis serum... No one expected these little ticks to evolve!

Their DNA, mixed with that of Polzilla, influenced by the presence of electronics in their bodies, has given birth to huge hybrid monsters, half robots, half ticks, ready to create a void in the metaverse!

Robotikz are the ultimate enemy of MetaRage.

There will be 4,242 randomly generated Robotikz mint for 10,000 $M.

Robotikz NFTs will be modelled as a 3D avatar compatible with most game engines and metaverses.

Metapond Utility Token

The Metapond utility token initial purpose will be to mint the Robotikz NFT collection. This is only the beginning of $M. Much more utility will be added in the future.

The Metapond $M token is our official utility token for the Metaverse.

Level 4


WorldWide Webb

2D Metaverse Avatars

Worldwide Webb is an amazing pixel art metaverse under active development. We have acquired an appartment to host community events there. "The Crib" will be a place where everybody can hang out.

You can already use CryptoPolz and Polzilla as avatars, and soon Kongzilla. We are working closely with the team to add our other collections.

Metapond VX

3D Metaverse Avatars

The natural evolution for Metapond is to turn our 2D pixel art into 3D voxels.

For each NFT we have created, there will be a 3D voxel model associated to it, compatible with most game and metaverse engines.

We want to allow creators, thinkers and players to use Metapond NFTs to create new experiences.

Level 5



Soulbound Tokens

Soulz, your next forever PFP and metaverse avatars! Soulz are Soulbound tokens, which means they are non-transferrable, thus non-tradeable NFTs.

Customize your Soulz at any time, fully on-chain, with traits from Metapond or ones created by the community.

Soulz are meant to expand our community and grow the Metapond ecosystem.

Anyone with $EGGZ, $RAGE or $M can mint a Soulz. Since a wallet can ever only hold one Soulz, there is no limit to the size of the Soulz collection.

Soulz will be central to the upcoming Frenzy game. The customization you've made in the 2D version will immediately apply to the 3D voxel version.

Proof of Trust

Soulz are laying the first building blocks of an on-chain social gaming protocol we're building on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Any two Soulz holders can mutually recognize each other as friends through an Ethereum transaction. Their trust can be proven by reading the blockchain.

This permissionless, two-way binding trust system can open many doors for innovation to build asset recovery and asset sharing systems.

For instance, in case your wallet gets compromised and you need to transfer it, if any 3 of your Soulz accept the same new address for your Soulz, it can then be safely transferred to your new wallet (granted it doesn't already hold an existing Soulz).

In the metaverse, you could access your friend's assets and use them - granted they agree with it. You could allow your friends to stay in your appartment while you're away. Use your car, your helicopter, take care of your pet... It's all about establishing trust.

Level 6


Video Game

There's a Frenzy coming!

Frenzy is a blockchain-enabled multiplayer game. In Frenzy, you will be able to play as any of your Metapond NFTs: CryptoPolz, Polzilla, Eggzilla, Kongzilla, Robotikz and of course Soulz!

Playing as a Soulz, you must team up to protect the city from being completely destroyed! Likewise, monsters get together to cause as much damage as possible!
Special item NFTs such as vehicles, weapons, boosts will be awarded to players.

We want to create a fun, engaging experience for our Metapond holders. Frenzy will be powered by the Godot Engine. It will be initially released on PC.

Level 7


Trade Metapond NFTs

We want to build our own NFT marketplace to offer a better experience trading Metapond NFTs.

Lower gas fees, unique features, and revenue share are the pillars of this new platform we are building.
The marketplace will offer various tools to check rarity, how many $EGGZ to harvest, wether the Polzilla was claimed etc... Unique information you couldn't find on other marketplaces.

Level 8

Sperm Bank

Meme Token Protocol

The Dumpster will be set up so you can get rid of unwanted NFTs in exchange for $SPERM.

$SPERM will be used to mint special edition NFTs and Frenzy items.
Cesspools (illiquidity pools) factory contract will be deployed so anyone can provide meme token pairs.